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Joanne Mulcahy-Zubani Sustainable Art

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About Me


My Aim

 For me, image making is a pathway to my inner wants and workings; it may portray a wish or a past pain; be a simple record of my surrounds or an ephemeral appreciation of the simple splendour I see in an oxidised piece of metal; weathered paper or broken wood.

Through the up-cycling of discarded materials I aim to highlight the needless waste in our consumerist society; the price of vanity, of false promises in advertising, of the decline in community, and the subsequent effects on the environment and our psychological wellbeing.

My Medium

I harbour an obsession with junk. It speaks to me; found strewn upon the ground or buried in a garage sale bargain box. I can be inspired by anything, but have been working consistently with oxidised metal for over a decade.

Up-cycling is my enhancement of the narrative I see reflected in the patina on a discarded and weather worn piece of metal, waste paper or wood. 

 I grind, cut and augment my treasures, arrange them on my canvas, paint or draw onto it, whatever it requires, to tell it’s story.



Joanne’s early artistic career started as a popular Sydney performance artist and poet. After attending The National Art School, she began to exhibit her quirky artworks.

Joanne has since obtained sort after artist residencies; been a finalist in several renowned sustainable art prizes; won second place in two sustainable art prizes; and been given an award in Tuscany, Italy. 

Her up-cycled works are sold privately in a Sydney gallery, and life drawings are marketed by a Sydney art consultancy. 

She now resides in the Northern Rivers where her works have been taken on by a number of small galleries, and she continues her work as an educator.


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