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About Me

My Background

As the very much younger child of three. 

I was taught how to draw by sister who, was trying to keep me busy in an adult world. My grandfather also used to take me into his converted cupboard/work-shed to fix things, which gave me a love of old metal and time worn wood. 

After travelling extensively we settled in London, then I explored more and finally landed in Australia. 

My Medium

I harbor an obsession with junk. It speaks to me. Up-cycling is my enhancement of the narrative I already see reflected in the patina on a piece of oxidised metal, sun-bleached waste paper or broken wood. 


I grind, cut and augment my treasures, arrange them on my canvas, paint or draw in what it needs, to tell it’s story,

My Inspiration

I am currently exploring landscape, which I haven’t done before. 

I have spent the majority of my life in big cities, and it has taken me decades to appreciate the vast raw beauty of Australia's boundless landscape; I now see so much more colour and diversity than ever before. 

I use these raw materials in the way in this way, to give the viewer a quintessentially Australian lanscape experience.


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